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Cheap lodging and Tourist attractions in Brussels, here we will discuss interesting things and sights as well as inexpensive lodging in city of Brussels. Curious right? let’s see what is in Brussels that would backpackers attract and do not want us to miss for going to the Belgian state. Brussels is the capital city of Belgium located in between the Netherlands and France. Therefore, Brussels is a city that bypassed by tourists traveling from Paris to Amsterdam or vice versa. Usually tourists took the time to perpetuate themselves in iconic Atomium city of Brussels. Atomium is a building shaped atomic structure was built in 1958 with a height of up to 102 meters with 9 (nine) sphere with a diameter of 18 meters which is centered on the ball in the middle. This building is a museum that is also used for various exhibitions. Atomium is open to the public, for tourists who are interested to get into the building and see the sights of Brussels from above, at a cost of 11 Euro you can feel the experience. Brussels city

Most tourists just made Brussels as a city stopover when traveling from one city to another it used to be but the more often people stop in Brussels many are interested and want to travel to stay a few days to more pleasure and see the sights there are even those willing to stay in a cheap lodging during the tour in brussel. but actually a lot that you can see and do in Brussels is no less interesting than other cities in Europe. It lies between the Dutch and the French, the language used in Brussels are French and Dutch as well as a combination of both. The majority of people in Brussels are Roman Catholics, but in 2005, there are many adherents of Islam until it reaches 25% of the population in Brussels. This is because many migrants originating from Turkey and Morocco. So for those of you who are Muslim, it is not too difficult to get halal restaurants while in the city of Brussels.

Once we get a place to stay while in Brussels although hotel or lodging then you think and look for as much information as possible about what to do while in the city of Brussels? You do not need to worry, even if you only have a limited time, you can still enjoy the beauty of Brussels and its local culinary. Most of the tourist attractions that need to be visited is located in the city center. Here lies the Grand Place-Grote Markt, the buildings that have been built centuries ago is located adjacent to some of the old buildings rich history of Brussels city. One of the places that you want to view in Brussels is the Manneken Pis, Jeanneke Piss, is a statue of boys and girls who are urinating into the pool. This statue can be reached from the Grand Place Grote Markt is only by foot. Brussels attack attraction

For you fans of comics, of course you will not pass through Herge Museum. This museum is dedicated to the cartoonist Georges Remi, also known by the name of Herge who is the author of the comic The Adventures of Tintin. With an entrance fee of 9.5 euros, you can enter the 3-storey building consisting of nine teaching rooms, cafe, mini cinema room and a souvenir shop. Here you can see the story of the life, interests and works of Herge, as well as his famous work to date is Tintin.

Throughout the journey in the city center, do not forget to sample the local culinary variety of the most famous delicious in this city is waffles and French fries. waffles here tastes good variety farian original taste or combined with fruit, chocolate or sugar, as well as the famous Belgian chocolates and pastries are available in the local as Godiva and Leonidas Chocolate Shop or Cake Shop Maison Dandoy. Besides culinary, you can shop for handmade crafts are found in shops around this area because it is very beautiful crafts and typical. Or for those of you who can and like to consume beer, city of Brussels is famous for its delicious beer beverages.

So from now on do not make Brussels as a stopover city alone in Europe, try to stay longer or overnight in the city. Many places that can be visited and culinary tasty. Below I have listed some of the tourist spots in Brussels, and among the sights of museums and monuments as well as parks and other interesting places. Although this list is not so complete, but the places on this list can represent the diversity Brussels travel offered on the tourist.

Tourist attraction in city of Brussels:

Grand Place
Grand place is a city square in Brussels which has ornaments and history. One Places in Brussels is the original location of many professional unions (bakers, butchers, Haberdashers), and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is the center of Brussels city hall, a museum of beer, the bird market Sunday, as well as many pubs, cafes, and restaurants that exist in this place.

Cathedral of St. Michel and St Gudula
Cathedral of St. Michel and St Gudula. From afar, the grandeur of the building is already attracting attention. Like the other cathedrals in Europe, building decoration detail is very impressive and the inside is filled with statues on the left and right pillars.

Event & Festival
Every August, the streets will be covered by a carpet giant stones begonia, with flowers arranged in beautiful designs and patterns are amazing. In July, you can watch sports festival which has started from 1549, which was marked by the arrival of Emperor Charles V-with 1,400 participants who use traditional costumes.

Manneken Pis
Manneken Pis is a bronze statue that has a centuries-old form of small children, and one of the sights in Brussels which is just a few steps from the Grand Place, at the corner of Rue de I’Etuve and Rue du chene. Manneken Pis has 800 costumes, which changed several times per week. The rest of the clothes will be on display in the City Museum in Grand place.

This location is a bit on the edge of town, but easily accessible by metro. Atomium is building a prototype resembling atom. Built in 1958 for the benefit of the exhibition and is still a tourist attraction visited by tourists. With tickets costing 11 euros, visitors can go to explore the atomic balls until the ball is the most peak. Again, we do not get into because according to the review, it is not so interesting. Quite unique is the shape of the building looks outside.

Belgian Comic
Housed in an art nouveau masterpiece designed by Victor Horta, this museum was built on respect for the cartoon makers in Belgium. Tintin and the Smurfs are Belgian cartoon character the most famous and also comic, but this museum not only displays the work of Tintin and the Smurfs, but also feature the artwork of more than 670 cartoonists. You can see the appearance of detail the stages of preparing the comic strip, from the initial idea and the sample pencil sketch up through the end of the publication. Arranged over three floors, the museum also has a library and an art nouveau brewery.

After we discuss the sights and culinary tasty and interesting for Brussels now I will give some of the venue we can make a reference for being there.

Cheap lodging in Brussels

Hotel Galia
Hotel Van Belle
Hotel Albergo
Hotel Catalonia Brussels
Hôtel Villa Royale
Hôtel Bentley
Hostel Louise
Brxxl 5 City Centre Hostel. lodging in Brussels

Actually there are many more to the recommendation Cheap lodging and tourist attractions in Brussels starting price is cheap to expensive exists. So for friends who want to travel to Brussels will now not have to worry anymore. Already many tourists and backpacker who vacation in this city and they are happy to be able to come and see the sights.

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