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Shishapangma Mountain – sport mountain climbing is a sport that is booming. climbers race up the mountain mountain race in the world. ranging from the mountain known as the height, or the mountain known by its beauty. including one of the world’s high mountains, on Mount Shishapangma.


Shishapangma (also called Xixiabangma or Gosainthan) is the fourteenth highest mountain in the world and, at 8013 m (26 289 ft), the lowest of the eight-thousanders. That was the end of the 8,000-meter peak to climb, due to its location entirely in Tibet and restrictions on visits by foreigners to Tibet and imposed by the Chinese government.

Shishapangma is located in south-central Tibet, a few kilometers from the border with Nepal. It is only eight thousander entirely within Chinese territory. This is the highest peak in the Jugal Himal, which is adjacent to, and is often considered a part of, the Langtang Himal. The joint Jugal / Langtang Himal in Tibet / Nepal border. Due to the dry northern peaks of the Himalayas, and away from lowland Nepal, has been somewhat less vertical support dramatic than most other major Himalayan peaks.

Name sbang Tibetan shi sha ma means “crest above the meadow.” China Names Xīxiàbāngmǎ 希夏 帮 马 峰 phonetic interpretation of the name Feng Tibet. In Sanskrit, the mountain is called Gosainthan, which means “sacred place” or “dwelling place of God”. Another interpretation, based on the spelling-Shisha Pangma, is that the name means, literally, “Sherpa Woman.

Shishapangma was first climbed through the Northwest and Northeast Face Ridge and face (Northern Route) on May 2, 1964 by a Chinese expedition led by Xǔ Jing. Besides Xǔ Jing, the top team consists of Junyan Zhang, Wang Fuzhou (Fuzhou Wang Chen Wu Zōngyuè San Soinam Dorje (Suǒnán Duoji, Cheng Tianliang, Migmar Zhaxi (Mǐmǎ Zhaxi), Dorje (Duoji) and Yun Deng.

if you are interested in mountain climbing Shishapangma? If you are a climber and loves climbing, you should try this mountain. Shishapangma mountain climbing would be a pride for you. good luck.

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