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dangerous beaches in the world – It is undeniable that the beach is one of the attractions people favored. Especially for those of you who like the water sports is certainly very like a vacation to the beach, just to see the landscape, or for sports such as surfing, snorkeling, or diving. but did you know that not all beaches are safe to exercise. The following are dangerous beaches in the world Galveston, Texas

Galveston, Texas
bahaya9Kota beach is located on an island called Galveston Island. The beaches of Galveston is a dangerous beach second, since 1911 about 13 shark attacks have been reported. This is not a high figure so minimal concern about the dangers of the beach. Although the level of concern is not increased, the locals are still cautious when swimming and playing in the water in case they see that the dreaded fin in the water.

Solana Beach, California
bahaya7Daerah beach is known as Solana Beach to the Pacific Ocean to the west. The area is primarily known as a zone full of sharks. Apparently a large number of seals are found mainly in this area as well. White sharks are attracted to the seal who enjoyed hanging out near the coast. If the locals are not well trained or aware of when it comes to being on the beach so the opportunities they are facing sharks is quite high. Solana Beach

West End, Grand Bahama Island
bahaya4Pecinta coast beaches should remain aware when entering the water at the island of Grand Bahama. They must remain cautious and check before stepping foot fin in the water. This is because the area is very well known for tiger sharks. It’s not a lot of shark attacks but should remain vigilant on this beach since most are surrounded by waters full of sharks. Grand Bahama Island

Northern Shore in Oahu, Hawaii
bahaya2Tempat beach is famous for its huge waves that mostly attract surfers from all over the world. Surfing is more popular during the winter months most likely because of the high waves. The Beach Velzyland is the most full beach and a favorite hotspot for surfers. However, the beach is filled with Galapagos sharks and tiger sharks that surfers must always be alert when on their boards. Northern Shore

Smyrna Beach, Florida
this beach is an awesome place to visit and surrounded by white sand stretches. Every year thousands of tourists around the world come and enjoy the scenic beauty of this place. Besides the beauty, the place is so deadly because it deals with a lot of shark attacks. Around 112 people have encountered sharks in this particular area which makes this beach the most dangerous beaches in the world. Smyrna Beach

so if they want to visit the beaches of the coast? If so, then was careful and alert. Hopefully this article can add information for you all. thanks for reading.

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