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River with a very impressive color – If you hear the river, what do you imagine? may be for you just a river where the flow of water just as it is. but you know, that in this world there is a unique river that has a wide range of colors. Here is a river with a very impressive color Rio Negro river

Rio Negro river (Black River)
This river is the largest forest colored river that is part of the Amazon River. Rio Negro True to its name, which means “Black River,” although not as black as imagined even look like strong tea. The black color is derived from an organic acid which does not decompose completely by the existing vegetation around the river. In Colombia, the Rio Negro river was known as the Guainía River, flowing through the Rio Solimões rivers toward the Amazon River region of Manaus, Brazil.

Red river
The river is located in North America, is the confluence of two rivers, the Bois de Sioux in Canada and Otter Tail rivers in the United States. Any stretch of the Red River across Lake Agassiz which is a glacial lake that ended in Winsconsin, United States. Actually, the color red is found in the Red River is obtained from sedimentation and silt carried by the river flow and sediment, so on the surface appear red. Red river

River Hwang-Ho (Yellow)
Hwang-Ho River is the second longest river in China after Yang Tse well as the sixth longest in the world. River Hwang-Ho has a length of 5,464 km, is located in the upper reaches of the Bayan Har Mountains, Qinghai Province, west China. Yellow color comes from the Gobi Desert sand being blown up to the valley of the Hwang-Ho. River Hwang-Ho

Caño Cristales river (Rainbow)
This river is a river of colorful located in Serania de la Macarena, Meta province, Colombia. Caño Cristales river is also known as the Rainbow River, because of the beauty of colors and iridescent algae that grow under the water surface. Caño Cristales river

Drina River (Green)
While the river has a length of 346 Kilometers is a border between Bosnia-Herzegovina to Serbia. Green Drina River is a subsidiary of the Sava River that are in the karst Dinaric Alps longest part of the Danube River. Drina River

So if you want to visit the rivers? unique and awesome right? If you spend your holiday with a trip to the river stream then you will be amazed by the uniqueness of the river. thanks for reading this article, hopefully useful for all of you who are planning a vacation.

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