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Underground lake is stunning – There are so many tourist attractions that presents the natural beauty that is so fascinating. One of them is the lake, on the lake you can see the water is collected in a container and its calm water. Many lakes that offer the beauty and uniqueness of each. The following is an underground lake is stunning hamilton

Hamilton Pool Preserve
This time a lake that will be discussed is a very beautiful lake and formed underground. The lake is located in Austin Texas is a lake formed by the walls of the cave which has collapsed due to the tectonic activity in the earth. These ruins are quite large and makes the lake look bigger and spacious. Combined with their views of the green makes this lake becomes more beautiful is not it? Even for its beauty, the lake is a lake that is used as a swimming pool many tourists who were in Texas. Therefore, the lake was named by Hamilton Pool Preserve.

Lake Mellissani
The first lake which has stunning views and is located in the cool basement is a lake called Lake Mellissani. The lake is located in the islands of Kefalonia in Yunanu. The lake is absolutely beautiful lake discovered in 1953. In this year, the lake has been found in the basement and in some year an earthquake so that the roof collapsed and could show Mellissani part of the lake is clear and very visible amazing. The lake is a lake that is quite as spectacular, it is also supported underground temperatures cooler than at ground level. Lake Mellissani

Lake Luray Cavern
Lake this one has the location is in the basement and into the lake which has a very beautiful shape. Lake called Lake Luray Cavern is a lake inside a cave, but can not be seen from the ground surface. With the shape of the cave which is nice and unique, combined with crystal clear waters of the lake make it look like a reflection bounces and is shaped like gold. Lake Luray Cavern

Cheddar George
The next lake is included in the underground lake is a lake in the mountain range Cheddar George. These mountains are mountains were big enough and there are cavities in the mountains that form a cave. This cave has many stalactites and stalagmites which makes the existence of a land that eventually over time the land was covered with water. With this case we can see the surrounding lakes are also decorated with a variety of large and beautiful stalagmite. Cheddar George

You should try to visit the lakes. because the lake is very unique and interesting place to visit. especially if you visit with beloved family. thanks for reading this article, may be useful for those of you who are looking for a place to vacation travel.

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