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Ancient city that you must visit – Visit the ancient city is the most interesting thing to do, because by visiting the ancient city we will learn many things and will gain extensive knowledge. to visit the ancient city we can learn the history of the city and get to know the life of the ancient times and know many things. besides visiting the ancient city, we will feel a different atmosphere. and for those of you who have a hobby of photos, you will also get a vintage photo images there. Here is an ancient city that you must visit Lucca

Hearing the word “ancient city”, it is not wrong if it is in the shadow of the old empire that you are surrounded by a high fortress walls made of stone. And Lucca is one of the largest ancient cities in Italy with his fort is still standing strong today.

The fort is not just a plain stone wall. Formerly, this fortress is where guards keep watch, but now on top of the fortress there is a long park that is often used as a picnic site and the area while the course is used as a bike path or jogging by locals and tourists.

Lucca also store other beauties in various corners of the city. Starting from the old buildings, the streets around the small town that can only be crossed by pedestrians and bicycles to the old churches and ancient manor villa in the past.

San Gimignano
As well as Lucca, San Gimignano is also an ancient city located in the fort, but smaller. The city center has also been recognized as one of the most valuable historical heritage in the UNESCO World Heritage Site version.

San Gimignano famous for its gothic architecture mixed with the majestic Roman style. Most of his church still standing to this day decorated decoration on the wall paintings (fresco) were beautiful and made in the 14th century to 15.

What does it mean to Italy if it does not taste the wine? In San Gimignano, you can taste typical white wine city is named Vernaccia di San Gimignano. Which makes this wine unique not only because it is made from the Vernaccia grape which is rare, but also because of vine only grow in this area. San Gimignano

Pitigliano is often also referred to as the Small Jerusalem because in this small town there is a Jewish community that has thousands of years ago assimilated with the local population. Besides the church, you can also find many ancient synagogues here.

But, what makes Pitigliano attract the attention of tourists from around the world are houses that are not built on the land but were dug in the mountains of rock that make it look like a big rock full of holes. Interestingly, until this day Pitigliano population still live in stone houses unique. If you are curious as to what it looks, you can visit many of the building which has now been converted into a cafe or gift shop. Pitigliano

So that’s some of the ancient city that you must visit. spend the holidays in this ancient city would be so much fun right? Thank you for reading this article. hopefully useful for all of you, and add to your knowledge also.

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