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Best place honeymoon in the world – The honeymoon is the many activities carried out by most newly married couples. For those of you newly married couples who definitely want to find a honeymoon, right? and of course you will be looking for a beautiful and romantic. Here is a the best place honeymoon in the world New York

New York
There are places of countless highly romantic in New York. You can do a picnic in Central Park, a walk around The Cloisters museum, or take a romantic dinner at romantic restaurants in the West Village. There is also a famous tourist travel such as Times Square are worth a visit. If you want to shop, you can do it in the shopping district along streets of Soho or relax in the skyscrapers in Bryant Park. Try also to make the trip from Manhattan to Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Bridge (you can stop at Grimaldi to enjoy the delights of his famous pizza), and then enjoy stunning city views from the balcony of the hotel where you both stay.

With a variety of beauty, Rome City dubbed as one of the days of “Renaissance”. Many buildings in Rome is the work of various expert artists of his time as Michelangelo and Botticeli. In today’s European culture was at its peak.
To add your romance and couples, some fountains in Rome at night. One of the best fountain is Piazza Navona. It was said in the fountain is a petition may be granted if throwing coins into the fountain. Rome

One town in Spain has a variety of beautiful architecture with old buildings full of history. Many old buildings were built in the city is the work of Antoni Gaudi. One result of the wealth of the famous church Sagrada Familia basilica generated with a period of about 40 years. To add to the entertainment for you and your partner, can visit some cool shops in a street in La Ramblas which is a famous street in BarcelonaBarcelona

One of the cities in the UK is presenting some interesting places to visit, such as Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey. In London there are some romantic places that can be visited one of which is the City Museum Victoria & Albert Museum in particular that so many historical relics. Additionally you can sit back to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the river Thames with her boyfriend, so that adds to the beauty of the honeymoon that you live. London

So how? if you are interested to visit her? For those of you who will honeymoon where the venue is suitable for you. Terimaksih’ve read this article, may be useful to you and to increase the knowledge and insight you all.

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