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Beauty of Bryce Canyon –  Vacation in the open would be more fun than in a confined space. will be fresher and more fun if we were on vacation to an open space such as to nature. Many things can be done in nature, possibly with a trip up the mountain, go to the forest or a park that is unusual. Bryce Canyon

Maybe you can go to enjoy the beauty of Bryce Canyon and Bryce Canyon. Bryce Canyon is a result of abrasion of wind, water and ice erosion that carves Hudu geological formations, further evidence of the outstanding talents of Mother Nature.

The composition of these formations are colorful and strange is composed of sediments carried by the wind system of rivers and lakes that existed millions of years ago. Most subject to erosion of rocks Pink Cliffs Claron formation, the color pink because of the presence of iron oxide and magnesium. The park is decorated with geological formations such as arches, natural bridges, windows and walls. One of them is a grand staircase (Grand Staircase). Forms in Bryce Canyon younger than those in the Rabbit and the Grand Canyon, which is the oldest rocks.
This phenomenon is named after one of the Mormon pioneers in the area Ebenezar Bryce (Ebenezer Bryce), who settled here around 1875, but according to the findings of archaeologists, this land has a human existence about 1000 years ago.

This area was given national park status in 1928, when tourists and excessive logging in the area began to threaten the natural appearance of the canyon. He started to gain popularity as a tourist attraction in the 1900s, thanks to the beautiful scenery described in magazines and newspapers across the country, but the lack of housing conditions and difficult access to the area’s many visitors to touch denied natural wonder. In 1920 when the railroad from the United States began to grow and have built a simple hotel, tourists to this phenomenon again challenged.
Today, Bryce Canyon is one of the most popular attractions in Utah and the US as a whole, especially photographers view came around to capture multiple images in sunrises and sunsets are the most stunning.
The park also has eight marked hiking trails that can be reached in less than one day, and two more who need to stay outdoors. When it reaches the edge of the canyon is an incredible opportunity to contemplate the beauty of limestone columns. Consideration of the sun is a unique view of the walk worth it.
Bryce Canyon sky above is clear that in the days of large, one can see Mount Navajo in Arizona. Astrologers frequent visitor here to watch a cloudless night sky, dotted with about 7400 stars, unlike in other places where the number of those seen with the naked eye, below 2000.
The best time to jump into the park is from April to October. Then the cold days and nights a little cooler. Winter months are marked by a sharp drop in temperature, but apart from the rest of the time was sunny and clear.
Although there are far fewer visitors than the Grand Canyon known, and Rabbit, Bryce Canyon National Park offers a phenomenal view which is not to be ignored.

What are you waiting, immediately visit Bryce Canyon and enjoy the beauty of Bryce Canyon with the one you love or with family.

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